Going to the races? Here's what to wear

With Royal Ascot right around the corner and plenty of other race days happening up and down the country, we take a look at the best jewellery to wear to complement your outfit. Whether you're going full out glam or sporting an understated chic aesthetic, the right jewellery will complete your look. So, whether you get the big win or not, at least you'll look fabulous doing it.

Full-out glam

For the ladies who love going all out for the races, you need jewellery that steps up to the plate. As part of our Night Out collection, we have a range of gorgeous long drop earrings in a variety of colours which might just fit the bill. If you're going to Royal Ascot this year and plan to enter the Windsor Enclosure, it's recommended that you wear a hat or fascinator so make sure your jewellery complements your headgear.

Understated chic

If you're a fan of simple, elegant styles then you'll likely want to match this style with classic jewellery pieces in timeless designs. At Solace Jewellery, we have just the solution with our range of classic silver pieces, from earrings to bracelets and necklaces. Hoop styles, drop diamonds and simple studs are a wonderful finish to any elegant outfit, whereas our popular charm bracelets add a subtle delightful twist to finish off an outfit.

Here comes the sun

If you're a fan of colour, why not shine brighter than the sun on the day (fingers crossed) and add some bold, colourful pieces to liven up your outfit? If you're unsure whether a certain piece would go with your outfit, try picking it out based on your dress or one of your accessories, and use this as a basis to narrow down the colour of your jewellery. Unfortunately, many high-street retailers who sell affordable colourful jewellery use metal which many of us are allergic to but, fear not - we've got you covered. From polka dot earrings to turquoise necklaces, we sell a wide range of hypoallergenic jewellery pieces with a pop of colour.