The three pairs of earrings every woman should have

At Solace, we believe that everyone should be able to feel great and accessorise with great looking, quality jewellery, regardless of whether you are searching for sensitive earrings, hypoallergenic earrings, or surgical steel earrings.

So, if you are one of the ten per cent of people who are allergic to certain metals, read on for our quick and essential guide to the ultimate capsule earring collection.
February 08, 2019

Top 5 earring trends from Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week has had us all mesmerised recently and has brought to light the top earring trends that everyone will want to get their mitts on this season. Here are our top picks of surgical steel earrings from our range at Solace Jewellery that will allow you to get in on the latest fashions, without risking a nasty reaction.
January 28, 2019

High street costume jewellery, don't be fooled!

The dangers are very real.

In 2018 the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) underwent an extensive project testing jewellery available in the EU, testing a whopping total of 5,500 products across 27 EU countries.

Shockingly enough, out of all of these products a sizable 18% failed EU chemical and safety regulation standards, with metals like lead, nickel and cadmium present to dangerous levels.

January 21, 2019

How to pick the right jewellery for your skin tone

It can be a struggle to know exactly what colours and patterns suit us as individuals. Hot pink looks daring and bold on the model, but will it look good on you? We're constantly being shown the latest trends and 'in' colours, but sometimes it's important to take a step back and consider what shades are actually the most flattering. A simple tool to help with this process is known as the 'cool or warm' test.
January 14, 2019

New year, new you: essential style tips for a positive 2019

If there's one resolution that's worth keeping in 2019, it's the decision to reject costume jewellery that leaves your skin irritated, sore, and red. With a large range of allergy free earrings available, there's no need to sacrifice comfort for style. This year, treat yourself to a selection of stunning accessories that will please your wallet, your style, and your ears. After all, there's nothing more chic or attractive than a woman who treats herself well!
January 07, 2019
Girl with hypoallergenic earrings

How to choose the right earrings for your outfit.

Fortunately, for modern fashion followers or everyday folk, no one has to poke bone or ivory through their earlobes to look good! Or invest in solid gold at a price that makes losing an earring a major disaster. There is now a wonderful array of surgical steel earrings that look incredible, in a huge variety of shapes and designs.
January 04, 2019

Dress for Success: How To Dress Up For A Job Interview

A month ago, I received a call for a job interview. I wanted it so bad I immediately looked in my closet to plan what I was going to wear. But lo and behold - I can’t find any appropriate clothes to wear! I had to shop for formal clothes on the eve of my interview and it wasn’t exactly therapeutic, because I was so anxious. Long story short, I got the job and learned some valuable lessons along the way regarding dressing for success. If you think that you fail at life for not knowing these scary adult things, find solace in the fact that you are not alone. Check out some of the tips below, they were really helpful to me. 

Know The Industry

This may probably be the most important for the guidelines of dressing up for an interview. Knowing the industry automatically gives you an idea of the nature of the job, as well as the culture. This way, you will be guided on how to dress up accordingly. Basically, you won’t come to a fashion house dressed up in your drab garb or in a construction firm in your sky-high heels and sheer blouse. Apart from that, doing your research will also prepare you for the interview itself, as I'm pretty sure you’ll come across facts about the company and the job that you’ll be interviewing for.

Don’t Lose Your Personality

Job interviews are done to assess the applicant’s capabilities in the short amount of time in the interview, so you aren’t sure if it is enough for them to know that you are perfect for the job. No matter how cliche this might seem, first impressions always last and we immediately pass judgment on what we see. There’s no better way to let them see that you’re up for the job by the way you dress. Wearing the generic black suit-white button down is okay, but it wouldn’t hurt if you add some of your personality in there.

Accessories are a smart choice by playing up your outfit, without going overboard. This love heart charm pendant with matching love heart stud earrings is a nice dainty contrast to a structured blazer. If you want to wear the thick chain that you’ve recently purchased, it’s best to use it in another occasion. Wearing flashy jewellery can be distracting to your interviewer. We want to stand out but, not in the wrong way.

Salvatore Ferragamo

You can also opt to bring a satchel or a nice handbag. It’s alright not to wear black shoes but avoid loud colours. Nude, brown and/or two-tone pumps are great alternatives. Also, keep the heel height modest. As a general rule, anything above 3 inches should be left at home.

Hygiene Is Important

If there’s one thing to remember apart from choosing the right clothes, it is good hygiene. You will not do your clothes justice if they are wrinkled or stained. Your hair should also be neatly styled. Put it in a ponytail or a low bun so it will be away from your face. Wear makeup that is appropriate for the industry you are interviewing for but generally, light makeup is a good idea. Also, avoid wearing overpowering scents since most of the time, an interview is done in a close room. We don’t want to suffocate our interviewers, do we?

Be Confident

We can’t help but become anxious during job interviews, but try to relax as much as possible and bring out that confidence in you. Dressing up is not just about the clothes, but it’s how you carry yourself which is why being confident is very important. I always tell myself that if I believe in myself enough, other people will too. However, don't get too over-confident. It's a deal breaker and most, if not all employers, get turned off with that attitude. With the preparations that you've done, pretty sure that you’ll bag the job. If you still feel the nerves, practice deep breathing prior to being called for your turn. It really helps. Now smile, you got this!

For more tips, here's an infographic by with statistics to back them up! 



March 17, 2016

Allergic To Cheap Costume Jewellery?

Having sensitive skin is really difficult because you have to be mindful of a lot of things that come in contact with your, well, skin. This is not limited to skin care and makeup, but applies to jewellery too. If you have sensitive skin, there is a big chance that you might have metal allergies. This is such a pain especially to those who love to accessorise.

Monroe by Sebastian Barr for L'Edito Magazine

Aside from the fact that it gives you skin problems (itching, redness, rashes and etc.), it is also painful to the pockets because you have no choice but to buy expensive jewellery since they usually contain less reactive metals. This previous post talks about the health risks in buying cheap costume jewellery, and it appears that allergic reactions are the most common issue.

“I love my accessories and I have metal allergies. How can I have the best of both worlds?”

Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

First of all, you have to acknowledge that you have metal allergies. Fashion over comfort may be your motto but in this situation, you have to reconsider because your skin is your body’s first line of defence. A break in the skin is a room for bacteria and other harmful organisms to get into your system. We don’t want that!  Also, I'm pretty sure you don’t want to live with the itching, rashes and unsightly scabs that could leave ugly marks. If skin irritation begins to develop (usually starts with itching), remove the jewellery immediately. Prolonged contact on the skin will make it worse, especially when exposed to sweat and/or moisture because that is what makes the metals react. Have you noticed how itchy and painful that cheap necklace became when you were sweating or that ring after you repeatedly washed your hands? Also, it is important to note that increased exposure to these metals, especially nickel, makes you more prone to develop the allergy, even if you have never experienced it in the past. If you thought that constantly wearing these pieces of jewellery will make your skin get used to them, sadly you’re wrong. (I used to think the same way, too!)

So, what are the options?

Thanks to science and the advancements in technology, we can still enjoy accessorising despite having metal allergies without having to spend a fortune.

Photo from

 The answer is hypoallergenic jewellery! There are a few options to consider and surgical steel hypoallergenic jewellery is one of them. It is used by medical professionals so we can say that it is safe. Though can not be promised as 100% hypoallergenic, the rate of allergic reaction from surgical steel is very low. If you're wondering where to buy surgical steel earrings, necklace and bracelets, look no further! Solace Jewellery is entirely dedicated to ensuring everyone can wear the jewellery they desire! Take a look at our collection and try them for yourself.

In addition, if you have a piece of jewellery and you are not sure if it contains metals that would cause irritation, a metal-testing kit will come in handy. It is very easy to use and it won't take too much of your time. Put some of the solution on a cotton ball, rub on the jewellery in question and check if there is a change in the solution's colour. If it does, the jewellery may have some metals that will cause a reaction. These kits are readily available and you can even purchase one online.

March 17, 2016

The Serious Health Risk When Buying Cheap Costume Jewellery

 We all want nice shiny things, but most of the time they don't come cheap. 


Jewellery is one of the best examples for that. In an attempt to make it available to everyone, manufacturers have resorted to making low-cost jewellery. These are widely available in major retail chains such as Claire's, Forever 21 and H&M among others. 

 Have you ever wondered what your costume jewellery is made up of? 

According to an article from Dailymail, most of the cheap costume jewellery that are easily bought in the market are packed with harmful chemicals that are toxic to the body. Below is an infographic of the most prominent chemicals found by the non-profit environmental safety organisation, The Ecology Center when they tested 99 items from different fashion and retail stores. 

I was surprised to learn that serious health risks may arise over a tiny piece of jewellery, thinking that contact dermatitis and allergic reactions are the greatest concerns that I would have buying cheap jewellery, but I guess I was wrong! This may explain why it's so cheap.

Most costume jewellery is especially harmful when ingested, you are probably thinking why on earth would I want to eat a piece of jewellery anyway? Well, how many time do you see people putting their necklace in their mouth whilst day dreaming of thinking of the proposal for that next meeting (you may gnaw on your necklace when you're deep in thought, admit it). Cheap jewellery can easily chip off, and you have unknowingly ingested some bits of the costume jewellery that you have been wearing. However, the scariest part is when your kid may swallow a piece or bite off a part of what they're wearing. Children have a habit of placing things in their mouth and the percentage of them ingesting foreign objects are quite high. You wouldn't believe the things that hospitals have to deal with over children eating things other than food, but I digress. Now, I guarantee you wouldn't even want your child to suffer from a mosquito bite, never mind allowing them to wear jewellery that could pose serious health risks.

It's a good thing that we now have alternatives that won't break the bank. I, myself, have sensitive skin and have always been irritated by cheap earrings. As much as I want to buy the fancy stuff, my pockets furiously say no. I found out that one of the best earrings for allergies is surgical steel earrings. This post appropriately explains why it is preferred since it's also being used by medical professionals. While it may not work for the entire population, various researches have backed its claim of having a low reaction rate. Personally, I am not allergic to surgical steel and I hope it works for you as well. After learning about the health risks of buying cheap jewellery, I will probably stick to my surgical steel jewellery now. There aren't a lot of retailers which offer surgical steel jewellery especially in the UK but if you want to try them, check out our collection. Other metals that are also thought to be hypoallergenic are platinum and titanium but they can still be relatively expensive. 

I know it is very rare that you hear about people suffering from this stuff, but make sure you know what you are buying the next time you are browsing in those high street retail stores!

February 08, 2016

6 Top Valentine's Day Gift Ideas To Make Her Love You More

Valentine’s Day is that time in the month of February when couples become extra appreciative of each other. It has become an informal holiday of sorts for lovers. Since Christmas was barely two months ago, the challenge of finding that perfect gift for her becomes increasingly difficult, especially if you've been together for quite some time. As cliche as it may seem, the things that aren’t tangible (love, time, affection and etc) are those that are mostly appreciated. However, it won’t hurt if you give her something that will make her remember your Valentine’s Day celebration even more. It doesn’t have to be grand, as the simple gestures will be better than most of the frivolous presents when well thought out. If she’s always talked about those pair of gold love heart stud earrings, the ones with the huge diamonds, then you know what to do. But if those are out of your budget, we’re here for you.


Jewellery is a go-to gift for most men on special days, especially Valentine's Day and anniversaries, but it has rather become ordinary. We don't want that to happen so the goal is to find that piece of jewellery that represents her and her personality. You don't have to shell out a lot of money to make her happy. For instance, you can give her these 6mm Emerald Square Hypoallergenic Earrings, because she was born in the month of May and her birthstone is emerald. Include a heartfelt written note on how you became a new person when she came into your life (since emerald is a symbol of rebirth).  If you're not much of a romantic, she may be pleasantly surprised by the poem you just penned by knowing the meaning of her birthstone. Be creative, Google is your friend!

 Spa Kit

Image from

For days when she wants to be pampered and relaxed at home, this gift will make her love you tenfold. A well-curated spa kit suggests that you know what she wants, at the same time showing you want her well taken care of. Sephora has a selection of bath gift sets that can make life a bit easier for you. Throw in her favourite La Mer hand creme for good measure. To make things even better, schedule a spa day for her with you giving the treatments. Make her feel like a queen! Don't forget the aromatic candles to make the atmosphere more relaxed and the ambiance romantic. If things go well, she might be in the mood for romance for the rest of the day. Win-win situation!

 Workout Clothes

 Image from

It's the start of the year so your girl must have sworn that she'll drop off that holiday weight by going to the gym or the yoga studio. Be extra supportive by giving her cute but functional workout clothes. You can never go wrong with Lululemon. They can be steep but know that her happiness is priceless, so your call. Also, pretty sure these clothes will be on Instagram because you know, pics or the workout didn't happen so be a good "Instagram husband" and help her out. 

 Recipe Box Subscription 

Image from

If she likes cooking, but does not have the convenience of time to go shopping or prepare all of the ingredients, this is the best present for her (which you can also benefit from). These boxes contain pre-measured ingredients along with recipe cards. The best part? It is delivered at her doorstep! There are plenty of services to choose ranging from organic to paleo. If she's been telling you about going paleo for some time now, this is the time for her to try. You can also cook one of the recipes together for your dinner date to serve as extra bonding time. 

A Good Book

Image from

A book from her favourite author will be one of the best gifts she will ever receive from her partner. This means that apart from wanting her to look and feel great, you also want her to stay mentally sharp. How's that for holistic caring, huh? If she doesn't have a favourite author, take a look at her reading list or casually ask her about the genre that she's into. Otherwise, buy her a book that you feel may inspire her. According to Vanity Fair, Binary Star by Sarah Gerard is one of the best books to give to your best friend. Makes sense because aside from her being your partner, she's also your best friend, right? If she's not the type to dwell on books, buy her a subscription of her favourite magazine instead! 

Honourable mention:

Flowers and Chocolates 

 Image from

Though very common, these can always mark the occasion special. No matter how much women say they would rather receive this or that, flowers and chocolates have a way of tugging at the heartstrings. So along with the gift ideas mentioned above, be a gentleman and bring her a bouquet of her favourite flowers with a box of chocolates.  

From hypoallergenic earrings to recipe box subscriptions, we hope you already have an idea on what to give to make her Valentine's Day celebration extra memorable. If the effort is there, she will notice and you will easily become her favourite out of all her favourite things that you've given her. 







January 28, 2016