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A quick guide to Boho Jewellery

A Boho lifestyle, or Bohemian if you prefer, is living your life with a peaceful mind, having a free spirit and being an individual rather than following the crowd. Many people are attracted to this type of lifestyle and in turn, its fashion trends and jewellery. Here's a few ways on how you can add some Boho feel to your jewellery with little to no effort.

What you need to know before getting your child’s ears pierced

Are you thinking about getting your child’s ears pierced? Or have they expressed an interest themselves and you’re deciding if you should let them? This handy guide will tell you what to expect.

3 easy little tips to boost your self-confidence

Feeling body confident can be one of the most difficult things you can do if you struggle with low self-esteem, so we've put together a shortlist of tips to help you feel better in your own skin.

GIFT GUIDE: Buying for a friend

Jewellery always makes a special gift, but it can be daunting choosing it for other people, especially earrings. Trends may change throughout the year, but we’ve got the top tips to help you choose the perfect earrings for a loved one.

Workplace jewellery doesn't have to be boring

Many workplaces have traditional or more formal dress codes, but that doesn’t mean your jewellery can’t reflect your unique style and personality. As Coco Chanel famously said: “accessories are what makes or marks a woman” and nothing finishes an outfit like a carefully chosen piece of jewellery. Whether you are working from home, meeting colleagues and clients over Zoom, or heading back into the office, here are some of our top picks for workplace friendly but fashionable earrings.

Will we all be "glamming up" after lockdown?

A lot of things have changed during life under lockdown, including how we dress and style ourselves. So after months of sitting about in loungewear and ‘dressing from the waist up’, will we emerge from the current situation with the same laid-back attitude or desperate to ‘glam up’ for the summer?

Winning colour combinations

There’s no denying it – women's fashion these days is fast-paced and frequently changing. Even with fashion though, there are a few basic rules that never change. This is especially true when it comes to accessorising.

Your Guide To Alternate Ear Piercings

If you suffer from sensitive ears and find you need hypoallergenic earrings, you may think that multiple ear piercings are not for you. However, many of the more unusual piercing spots on the ear are ideal for stainless steel jewellery and it's incredibly easy to find hypoallergenic earrings that also tie in beautifully with women's fashion trends. 

How to pick the perfect pair of wedding earrings

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, and every part of it needs to be perfect, from your earrings to your shoes. No matter what your bridal style is, it is important to pick a pair that complements your look. This guide will outline the best options for the brides-to-be and members of the wedding party.

Has summer arrived already?

Although the British summer officially starts in June, with the beautiful weather we've been enjoying it feels as though summer has already arrived! To ensure you are ready for the summer season to hit, make sure you have all the below essential items ready!

Body positivity tips for the summer

Summer is fast approaching, and everyone knows what that means. Longer days spent outside, wearing clothes that are lighter and brighter as well as accessories that show off your personality. But sadly, it also opens up the door for insecurities. Everyone has them. Here at Solace Jewellery, we believe everybody is beautiful, and have comprised a list of the best women's fashion and body positivity tips to make your inner goddess glow this summer.

Should I take my jewellery off when exercising?

Do you watch athletes on the TV and wonder how they wear jewellery when running the 100 metres, or doing the long jump? If the can wear earrings and other jewellery when competing, why shouldn't you be able to? The trick is, to wear practical earrings so they don't cause injury. Below is a quick guide to which earrings you should wear when doing certain sporting activities so you don't have to sacrifice your jewellery, whether you're wearing it for sentimental reasons or as a fashion statement.