Top tips when choosing earrings for your wedding.

We are getting married in 2020!! Whilst I can't wait for the big day, there is still so many things to sort out before then. 🙄 One thing you probably don't think about until the last minute, is what jewellery to wear.

We all have a certain pair of earrings that makes us feel happy from the moment we put them on. Perhaps you remember the earrings you wore on special occasion, the night of the proposal even? Well, when it comes to your wedding, the stakes are a little higher. If you're in search of the perfect earrings for your wedding day, don't worry - just follow our top tips.

1. Consider the rest of your jewellery

Before you settle on a great pair of wedding earrings, you must take into consideration the other pieces of jewellery and details on your wedding dress. For instance, if your dress features crystal embellishments or pearls, then you might want to select earrings with similar materials that coordinate with it. If your dress is full of intricate detailing, then choose a more timeless and classic earring design that will help to balance it out.

2. Prioritise comfort

Now, this might not sound exciting, but comfort is everything, especially on a day where you have so much going on. This is why you need your earrings to be comfortable as well as beautiful since you'll be wearing them all day. For example, if you want to wear drop earrings but haven't had much experience with them, then wearing a pair a few days before would be a good idea, or you can simply wear studs as there are some truly beautiful styles available.

3. Work with your hairstyle

Like your dress, the type of hairstyle you choose will also have an impact on what earrings you wear. Statement earrings work brilliantly with an updo and relatively pared-back dress; or for an elegant look, try droplet earrings. If you're choosing to wear your hair down, then long statement earrings would be a good choice, as they will sparkle through your tresses.

4. Switch it up for the evening

Lots of brides change their earrings for the evening reception and this is an excellent idea, especially if you want elegant drop earrings for the ceremony and then more comfortable ones, like studs for example, in the evening. The ideal time to change your earrings is right before you hit the dancefloor.

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