Wearing statement jewellery? Here's the rules!

Jewellery is a great way of bringing an outfit to life as well as enhancing your features, so what better way to do it than by wearing bold and stylish pieces of statement jewellery? The beauty of statement jewellery is that you only need one piece to bring your whole outfit together, as the key is to keep it simple, either with one stand-out piece or multiple pieces that work well together.

Pick earrings wisely

Statement earrings are gorgeous and will be the first thing that someone notices when talking to you so make sure you choose a pair that enhances your features as the wrong pair can be distracting. Take colour, length and shape into consideration when deciding which statement earrings to wear with your outfit as it's all about balance.

Less is more

It's best to wear just one statement piece at a time, as it should be allowed to stand out, but if you really want to wear more than one item, then choose pieces that are far away from each other, such as a dazzling pair of earrings with a striking bracelet. Try and stick with the same kind of metal or design and avoid clashing colours, as the point is to look elegant and not like a jewellery box.

Keep it simple

Statement jewellery is best worn with simple clothes, in order for the pieces to stand out and not clash with any other patterns. However, less busy statement pieces can work well with patterned clothing if you put some thought into it and coordinate them correctly.

Wear pieces that form an outfit

Jewellery can really pull an outfit together and add that little bit of extra something, so pick pieces that will complement your overall outfit. If you want a polished and elegant look, opt for pearls, while floral pieces will give your outfit a feminine edge. Colourful beads are a definite must if you're going for a chic boho look and chandelier earrings will look stunning with a maxi dress.

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