I don't think I've ever come across better customer service quite frankly

"It's very rare I get to use the word 'perfect' to describe my experience with a company, but it is a term well deserved here. The ear studs arrived in, I think, 2 or 3 days time in perfect condition. The studs are gorgeous and of very high quality surgical steel. The difference they've made in comparison to my other-metal studs is incredible! Before my ears would always be swollen and sore, bleeding or seeping whatever, but with these studs it's like they're not even there at all there's so little affect on the piercing! The posts are a good length with both of the pairs I bought, which is nice considering other studs sometimes are very short and pinch my ears a bit. With the studs came a second pair of butterfly backs which was, I thought, very considerate of the company. The best thing about my experience with Solace Jewellery, however, is when I received an email after purchasing the first pair of studs, which told me that the studs I had just bought were actually being offered for free at the time and so as to not let me miss out on the offer, I was sent a discount code of the amount the ear studs had cost, which I then went on to use to buy a second pair of studs. Needless to say I am very very happy with the service this company has provided and I will be going on to buy more earrings from them in the future! I highly recommend them." - Gemma

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