These dainty bracelets feature the healing crystal gemstone, believed to promote mental clarity, emotional balance and inner peace.

Clarity Stone Hypoallergenic Bracelet


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These dainty bracelets feature the healing crystal gemstone, perfect for stacking and layering to add a hint of glamour and shine.

The bracelet is adjustable, its unique slide clasp allows the bracelet to adjust to the perfect fit.

  • Tigers eye (silky shimmery appearance golden-redish/brown colour) associated with protection, courage, clarity, grounding.
  • Turquoise (blue/green colour) properties include protection, healing, communication, balance
  • Red Howlite (white/grey dyed red) has properties that promote calmness, patience and emotional balance
  • Picture Jasper (earthy appearance, warm browns/tan) associated with grounding, stability and connection to the earth. Bringing comfort, harmony and a sense of balance.
  • White Howlite (white/off white unique black/grey veining) Has calming, enhanced communication and spiritual awareness properties.
  • Purple agate (Purple hues, from lavender to violet and plum shades) common associations are balance and harmony, protection, spiritual growth
  • Rose quartz (delicate soft pink to rose-red colour) associated with love and compassion, emotional healing, peace and harmony.
  • Lapis Lazuli (intense blue from royal blue to lighter shades, often has specks and veins) properties include spiritual awareness, communication and inner peace.
  • Orange agate (orange in colour) Associated with balancing and grounding, strength and protection
  • Black Agate (solid black, range from jet black to charcoal grey) properties include protection, grounding, emotional balance relieving stress and anxiety.
  • Red agate (rich varied shade of red) known for strength and courage, protection from negative energies, emotional balance
  • Yellow agate (various shades of yellow) properties include energy and vitality, creativity and emotional balance to promote a sense of well-being.
  • Bracelet Length: Adjustable 11cm - 29cm
  • Stone size: 0.6cm
  • Material: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Please note as this is a natural stone colour and patterns will vary

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Your Path to Mental Clarity and Inner Peace

Finding Clarity

Discover the profound benefits of our Clarity Stones – designed to enhance your mental clarity and bring inner peace. Crafted with care, our stones are not only stunning but also offer a tangible connection to your inner self.

A Deeper Understanding

The Power of Clarity Stones

Our Clarity Stones collection is more than just a bracelet. Each stone has been carefully chosen for its unique properties, promoting mental focus, emotional balance, and self-awareness. Wearing these stones allows you to carry the energy of clarity with you, helping you stay grounded in the present moment.

Tarnish Free | No Fading | No Green Skin

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