Tips for Safely Transporting Your Jewellery

Get you and your jewellery there safely -

You're about to leave for an important business trip, or if you are lucky a holiday. You have picked the outfits you will be wearing and which accessories will look amazing with them, but how do you pack them without causing damage?

We have the solution:

Jewellery boxes -  This may sound obvious, but at Solace Jewellery we provide you with clips to keep your hypoallergenic earrings in place whilst on the move. Otherwise your precious jewellery can rub against each other, causing damage.

Pouches - You can buy jewellery specific soft pouches to keep all you items in one place, but be careful as they can knock against each other. All our earrings are surgical steel and are one of the most robust materials you can make jewellery from, so small studs should be ok, but be wary of larger drop earrings.

Small plastic bags - Zip up bags are the best, but loose bags can work too as long as you remember to faster shut with tape! These can usually be found in stationery shops, and are great to keep all jewellery in one place. Just drop each piece of jewellery in a separate bag and then keep together in a larger carrying bag.

Wrap in a towel - If you are taking a towel, great! Place all your jewellery in a towel, nicely spaced and roll the towel up. Ensure you fasten the towel once rolled to stop your precious earrings flying everywhere!

Tablets Case - If you have a medial box, these can come in handy for separating your jewellery. You can even split by occasion to make it easy to decide which of your favourite accessories to wear.

Straws - Necklaces can be safely placed in straws to keep from tangling and avoiding damage. 

Jewellery organisers - There are products out there that offer a specific box or case to protect your accessories, but they cost money and you can safely protect them for free... why not get a little creative with your packing!

Other things to consider 

Plan ahead - decide what jewellery you will need to match your outfits, and don't pack more than you need.

Insure your belongings - This is vital, you would not want to have your favourite jewellery stolen, but incase the worst happens at least you are covered.

Keep with you at all times during travelling - Who better to look after your best accessories than you?