Stud or Drop Earrings?

With so many style's to choose from, how do you know what earrings to wear?! Below is a guideline to help you go out looking amazing.


Done up - Formal
With your hair pinned up, sparkling drop earrings will draw attention to your face and make your neck look long and elegant. Perfect for dances, dinners and those cocktail parties you love.

Done up - Casual
For an everyday look you don't want to look like you spent hours in front of the mirror, even if you have! A twisted up hairstyle with classic studs or hoops can give you a glamorous look without looking overdone.

Long hair will catch on most earrings, you will end up untangling yourself in the middle of town, not what you want! Choose, simple studs instead.


A wedding gives you the perfect opportunity to show off some of your favourite earrings, but you can't outshine the bride. Once you are happy with your outfit, you can start deciding what jewellery to emphasis your look. If you’re wearing one block of colour, wear stones in a contrasting colour. This will help to accentuate your outfit, making your jewellery look even more dazzling. A patterned outfit it best matched with one of the colours, and make sure your jewellery is plain and simple to avoid clashing. If you’re wearing a number of colours, try to stick with colourless jewellery such as silver or gold to prevent yourself from looking overdone, less is more!

Black Tie 
Drop earrings are a perfect choice, particularly if your hair is in an up-do as they accentuate the length of your neck and help slim the face. These can then be matched with a necklace and/or bracelet to give you a finished look.

Easy! Small studs will keep you looking great while you get yourself fit.

Around Children
Babies go straight for the sparkly stuff. Hoops make a perfect handle for toddlers hands. So if you're hanging out with small children, wear small earrings and avoid the pain.

In the Office
If you work for a fashion label you can probably get away with wearing anything and the bolder the better! But for most people it is probably safest to go with small, understated studs. Matching this with a black dress or a power suit with a smart blouse, obviously with heels is a perfect way to create an important and authoritative look in the workplace.